SPRINT - Portable Flue Gas Analyser

Ideal for the installation and maintenance of gas boilers

The SPRINT Portable Flue Gas Analyser provides gas heating technicians and fitters with many features designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of gas boiler installations. The SPRINT analyser is compact, lightweight and easy-to-use.

Its magnetic rubber case means it can be fixed to the case of the device being monitored, leaving your hands free to work. The flue gas sensor includes an integrated thermocouple for measuring flue gas temperature, and an integrated Novel water separator filter that works regardless of which way up it is held.

The graphical screen display and its intuitive menu mean this device is operated much like a mobile phone. Results can be stored or exported to a printer via infra-red. Connecting the device to a PC via USB allows you to download recorded files and adjust the analyser’s settings. With the Bluetooth versions, you can even download data directly to any compatible PDA.

SPRINT analyser Features

  • Flue gas analysis
  • Draft and differential pressure measurements
  • Differential temperature
  • Gas System Integrity Test
  • Gas leak test
  • Timed CO room safety test

Key Strengths of the SPRINT analyser

  • Gas inlet with Smart purge
  • Thermocouple input ports
  • Pressure input ports
  • Compact: 440 G
  • Large LCD graphic blue backlit display
  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • IP42 waterproof casing (sealed rubber case with integrated magnets)
  • Data exported directly to a printer via infra-red
  • Integrated thermocouple for temperature measurements
  • Insertion length 250 mm
  • Adjustable depth gauge
  • 2m Filter Novel interconnect cable / water separator
  • Choice of fuel (10 pre-recorded)
  • Pressure units: choice of 9 options
  • Temperature in ° C or ° F