I-GRAPH XS Laboratory Chromatograph

Standalone - Battery Powered (also available in solar powered)

The I-Graph XS Chromatograph is an economical gas analyser designed for the laboratory. The compact bench-top version weighs just 3.5 Kg and is a multi-functional chromatograph. It is ideal for both one-off and permanent analysis.

The standard version of the l-Graph XS chromatograph is specifically-designed for laboratory use. Thanks to its integrated vector gas supply, it is portable and so ideal for individual applications. It’s very short measurement cycles allow for short-term analyses.

The user is kept informed of its status via electronic monitoring. Its integrated pump can also analyse samples without the use of pressure.

The device’s touch screen also allows completely independent usage and all its key functions can be accessed via the display. Measurement data and results are instant. The l-Graph XS can be connected to a PC for graphical and technical data evaluation. The required GCM Manager software comes pre-installed.

Technical specifications of I-GRAPH XC

  • Detector: conductivity detector (TCD)
  • Sensitivity
    • < 10 ppm DTS
    • < 50 ppm GTS
  • Analysis time: 30 to 180s
  • Measurement channels (streams): 8
  • Operating temperature: + 2°C to + 55°C
  • Max. Analysis temperature: +350°C
  • Max. Temperature ramp: 8°C/s
  • Sample gas volume: 0.05 µl up to 6µl
  • Sample gas input (pump): -0.6 bar up to +0.6 bar
  • Sample gas inlet (static): 0.5 bar up to 10 bar
  • Vector gas: He, Ar, N2, H2
  • External carrier gas pressure: 1 bar up to 10 bar
  • Vector gas consumption:
    • 100 µl/min DTS
    • 500 µl/min GTS
  • Vector gas supply: internal / external
  • Mobile vector gas cartridge: 100 ml / 10 bar
  • Pump: Manual
  • Gas fittings: Vici screw clamp 10-32 1/16 tube
  • Sample supply: direct
  • Cooling column: fan
  • Relative humidity: <60%
  • Pressure regulator: two-level pressure regulator
  • Type of protection: IP44
  • Power supply: 90 to 240 VAC
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power: 15 to 90 W max.
  • Version: laboratory
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 30.5 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg


  • TCD Detector
  • Compact
  • Cost-effective
  • One-off analysis
  • Permanent analysis
  • PC connection
  • Graphical data analysis