DL102 - Portable PID Detector & VOC Analyser

Stand-alone portable VOC analyser with 11.7 lamp - exceptional durability (> 6-9 months)

The world's best-selling portable PID detector: more than 25,000 units sold.

The portable DL ​​102 PID detector is a VOC analyser used as standard by numerous government agencies (environment, toxicology etc) due to its wide range of features and applications.

DL 102 - Compounds detected
The portable PID DL 102 detector analyses VOCs, hydrocarbons, H2S, Benzene, NH3, PH3, ASH3, 1,3 butadiene, chlorinated solvents, formaldehyde, etc.

DL102 Features

A Long-Term Investment

Tens of thousands of this portable analyser have been sold across the world since its release in 1975. More than 90% of those analysers are still in use today! These analysers are the most ROBUST and SOLID available on the market: no need to replace them every 2 to 3 years.

Accurate Measurements

The on-board PID detector has an exclusive electronic zero, powerful electronics and an ultra-stable PID lamp for the most reliable and representative results. They also help ensure a long product life.

Electronic Zero

The DL102’s electronic zero and its gas calibration assures you get a reliable calibration every time.

Low maintenance

The new Duraclean system is stable and inert, allowing for a longer operation time with no need to perform maintenance of the lamp or ion chamber.

DL102: Technical Specifications

  • Stand-alone analyser
  • 8.0 "H x 3" W x 2.25 "Thickness
  • Weight <1 kg
  • Very easy to use
  • No complicated keyboard
  • Exclusive HEADSPACE mode (recording of max and average values)

DL102 Accessories

  • Dilution probe
  • Ppb measurement
  • Carry case
  • Calibration Kit
  • Belt clip with bag

DL102 Uses

The DL 102 portable PID detector has a wide range of applications:

  • Environmental: soil pollution, stack releases, machinery audits (leaks etc), soil sorting, etc
  • Industrial hygiene: toxicity, workstation audits, spot checks...
  • Industrial processes: testing machinery, rejects...


  • Highly sensitive: ppm, %
  • Versatile: choice of 3 lamps
  • Lightweight: < 1 kg
  • Battery life: > 12 heures